Welcome to Ruffs web site

For those of you who don't know us yet, we make SIGNET RINGS and CUFFLINKS of the highest standard.

This is only our second web site. In an age of constant change - particularly technological change - I have been conscious of the need for a new site. On the other hand, on the very day I started my notes, I was told the web site was easy to navigate, comprehensive and simple to understand....

That said, over the last couple of years customers have wondered about the pencil sketches of our signet rings, the lack of further examples and occasionally raised the question of cast vis-a-vis stamped rings.

Thus in our new site, we have retained all the plus points of the original and sought to address any shortcomings. As a result there are photographs of each style of ring, together with a plethora of further examples, and I have waded into the debate about method of production and put the record straight. Perfect.

Please find within therefore a bright, fresh web site - a natural partner to our existing cufflinks site - that has been designed again by Karl Rudziak – and is full of pictures! Have a look at the different styles of ring. I am particulary pleased with the moving picture of our ring combining a white gold tablet with a yellow gold mount. Be convinced of the superiority of our product and seek to own a Ruffs signet ring for yourself or your children.

Ruffs (Estd. 1904) Tel +44 (0)1489 578867 or e-mail: mark.ruff@ruffs.co.uk